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Lincoln Avenue Elementary School

About Lincoln Avenue Elementary School

One of three elementary schools in the Pearl River School District
Kindergarten through fourth grade

Enrollment: 221

Principal: Mrs. Kathleenann M. Cool

Administrative Assistants: Mrs. Lisa Ross
School Nurse: Mrs. Linda Higgins
Custodial Staff: Mr. Tom Murray and Mr. Mostafa Chamar
School Greeters: Mrs. Diane Murphy and Mrs. Kathleen Agovino
School Monitors: Mrs. Maureen Lee, Mrs. Doreen Sadik, Mrs. Fran Clark, Mrs. Donna Brady
School Colors: Royal Blue and Yellow
School Mascot: Roary, the Lincoln Lion

115 Lincoln Avenue
Pearl River, New York 10965

(845) 620-3850
Fax (845) 620-3975

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