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Lewis-Palmer High School



We compete to educate all athletes so that they become well-rounded individuals who are aware that they are a part of something greater than themselves and who are capable of learning, growing, and being connected to the world around them.

At Lewis-Palmer student - athletes strive for success by being COMMITTED to CLASS: Courage, Leadership, Academic Success, Selflessness,  and Sportsmanship.


  • Participation in athletics provides an opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem by taking risks, overcoming adversity, learning from failure, and advocating for one’s self.


  • Participation in athletics provides an opportunity for athletes to exhibit integrity, responsibility, coachability, and flexibility by working hard and maintaining a positive attitude.

Academic success

  • Participation in athletics  provides the tools for academic success by placing academics  first and athletics second in addition to promoting integrity in the classroom and through competition.


  • Participation in athletics motivates an athlete to serve and sacrifice for others both emotionally and physically.


  • Participation in athletics provides an opportunity to demonstrate respect for one’s self, teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, family, school, and community.

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