Kindermusik with Heidi

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What Kindermusik is all about...

Being able to enjoy our families in a rich musical environment is priceless. It's nice to have an activity where family involvement is celebrated. Promoting physical coordination and social skills, providing a structured routine, building self-esteem and developing talents and cognitive abilities are all encompassed in a Kindermusik class. Plus there is the added benefit of a development for a love of music that will last their whole lives through.

Instinctively we know that music belongs in the life of young children. They are in their critical period for developing a good foundation in music. They are eager and receptive to appropriate musical experiences. Recent brain research has pointed to non-musical crossover benefits of early music study and to how important early music exposure is to a child's normal development. In a Kindermusik class, parent-child interaction is fostered, socialization with other children is encouraged, fine motor and gross motor development is enhanced, and language skills flourish. Kindermusik helps each child develop musically at the right time and in the right way. A Kindermusik graduate has a solid foundation and a giant head start when they move to instrumental, voice or even dance lessons.

Is my child really learning anything about music in Kindermusik class? While playing and singing, children are improving their rhythmic competency, developing a sense of steady beat, achieving the ability to match pitches, becoming acquainted with timbre, learning a repertoire of songs, experiencing many different instruments, increasing their ability to listen, and of course, gaining a love of music that will last throughout their life!

Come and experience Kindermusik! We have classes for children birth to 7 years with four levels designed to grow with the child. Call Heidi at 972.754.0853 or see the website

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