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Kentridge High School

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The mission of Kentridge High School is to prepare all students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens in a diverse community.

Core Principles

¨We believe in the importance of celebrating the strengths of our differences.

¨We believe a safe and positive environment encourages learning.

¨We believe high expectations and persistence yields success.


We will reduce the number of freshmen failing a ninth grade course by 15% per year.

We will improve each minority sub group scores by 5% each year in reading, writing, and mathematics according to state and NCLB standards.

We will continue to improve school climate by promoting safety, connections and recognition.

The KR Way

Kentridge staff and students will behave in accordance to the following character traits:


¨Be honest in relationships

¨Be reliable and dependable

¨Be loyal

¨Live by your convictions and principles: Stand up for your beliefs


¨Honor the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated

¨Be tolerant and accepting of different opinions

¨Value the privacy and freedom of all individuals

¨Use good manners


¨Know and do your job

¨Accept the consequences of your choices

¨Pursue excellence: Do your best

¨Keep a positive outlook


¨Treat all people equally

¨Be open-minded to different viewpoints

¨Listen carefully to others before making decisions


¨Be concerned and compassionate toward people

¨Forgive others for their shortcomings

¨Help people in need


¨Be a good neighbor

¨Care about the common good


¨Play by the rules

¨Honor the law and authority

Measures of Success

Gains in indicators of student achievement:

¨Standardized and criterion-referenced test scores

¨Performance-based assessments

¨Grades earned in core classes

¨Cumulative grade point averages

¨Graduation rate

¨College freshmen grade point averages

¨Longitudinal success of graduates

Gains in indicators supporting student achievement:

¨Rigor of programs of study

¨Average daily attendance

¨Positive student behavior

¨Positive student, parent, staff and employer responses

Gains in Kentridges standing within the local and greater communities:

¨Positive responses from students, parents and staff

¨Positive responses from employers

¨Positive responses from college admissions officers

¨Co- and extracurricular program successes

Decision-Making Guidelines

Input from and discussion with those most affected will occur before decisions of impact are made whenever possible.

Decisions will be made consistent with

¨Building and district missions and strategic plans

¨State goals and essential academic learning requirements

¨Collective bargaining agreements

¨Board policy

¨Federal and state law or administrative codes

Decisions will be made in the spirit of cooperation and the greater good.

Decisions will be based on fact and research .

All foreseeable impacts will be identified and assessed before decisions are made.

Decisions will be made considering cost-benefit analyses.

Decisions will not exceed available resources.

Accountability, authority, and resources will be commensurate with decisions made.

Decisions will reduce or eliminate the duplication of efforts.

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