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Jewish Family Workshop IV

JFW provides a high-quality Jewish education while accommodating the schedules of busy, well-rounded children. Our curriculum provides our children with a sense of Jewish identity, introduces them to the rich history and culture of our People, and provides a solid foundation for Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Classes are held in Milford, MA at the Rosenfeld Community Center of Temple Beth Shalom. There are generally 5-12 students per class. JFW has a tradition of responsive teachers and interested, committed parents.

Books have been carefully selected to support our one-day-a-week model. Teachers in grades 2-6 are encouraged to give 1/2 hour of homework to reinforce their Sunday lessons.

Children may begin Sunday school on a part-time basis in 1st Grade. Starting in 2nd grade, Sunday school is full-time, meeting 27 times per school year, where the rudiments of the Hebrew language are taught. All students entering in Grades 3 and up must have had previous Hebrew language education or arrange for tutoring with the approval of the incoming teacher.

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Students reach Bar or Bat Mitzvah age in seventh grade. Based on family interest and commitment, a group Bar/Bat Mitzvah service may be held. Individual Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are also encoraged.

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