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Participation in a well-organized interscholastic athletic program provides students with opportunities and experiences to learn skills for adult life. Research reveals that participation in athletics teaches young adults critical lessons in citizenship, respect, responsibility, fair play, communication, team work, decision making, problem solving, self-worth and individual potential. A student who elects to participate in the athletic program is making a commitment to personal, team and program goals.

Since interscholastic athletics are philosophical extensions of the physical education program and classified as co-curricular activities, the goals and objectives of athletics should be supportive of and consistent with the goals and objectives of the total educational program.  When conducted properly, athletics  can positively contribute to intellectual, physical, social and emotional development; however, the realization of these educational goals does not automatically occur.  These values are attained when the athletic program is viewed as a means to an end rather than an end itself, and when it is:

  •  Conducted to promote the physical and emotional well-being of all participants
  • Regarded as an integral part of the total educational program
  • Subjected to the same administrative control as the total educational program
  • Conducted by persons with training in first-aid and in physical education or coaching certification programs
  • Viewed as a supplement to the physical education program and not as a substitute
  • Conducted within the letter and spirit of all applicable rules and regulations

Although the explicit goal of all competitive sports is to win within the rules, that is by no means the only measure of success.  The total development of the individual as a person is of considerably greater importance. Success in athletics occurs when athletes are allowed to develop their abilities to the fullest and to become all they are capable of being.

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