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Ithaca City School District Athletics

Greetings Families and Student-Athletes,
Congratulations on making the decision to participate in the Ithaca City School District Athletic Program. 

Involvement in our athletic programming will give students an opportunity to meet and work with our diverse, talented student-athlete body, our dedicated coaching staff, and a supportive community. 

Our coaches are committed, and care about our student-athletes’ well-being. ICSD coaches serve as positive role models for student-athletes, and they foster academic achievement and character development. ICSD coaches engage, educate and empower student-athletes to do and be their best self. 

Need help getting to practices, back home or to games? Don't let that stop you from signing up! If you need a ride, there are folks that can help, and you may qualify for a free TCAT buss pass. Contact the team coach or your building’s Transportation Liaison for  transportation assistance.

The liaison at LACS is Lisa Gervaise. Boynton is Cathy Gee. Dewitt is Penny Boynton, and IHS is Barbara Bergman.

If the program you are looking for is closed or not listed, click here to contact the organization.