IHSAA Mission Statement:

The Iowa High School Athletic Association serves its member schools and students by providing leadership and support for education based interscholastic athletics that enrich the educational experience of the student athlete.

IHSAA Core Beliefs:

• Extracurricular, interscholastic athletic programs enrich each student’s total educational experience and positively impacts academic achievement.

• The IHSAA is the recognized authority in Iowa regarding boys’ interscholastic athletic programs, and developing and interpreting rules that promote fair play and minimize risks for participating students.

• Extracurricular, interscholastic athletic participation develops ethical behavior, character development and good sportsmanship.

• Participation in extracurricular, interscholastic athletic programs promotes student academic achievement.

• Participation in extracurricular, interscholastic athletic programs helps students develop healthy lifestyles.

• Extracurricular, interscholastic athletic programs contribute to positive school and community relationships.

• Conduct counts in all aspects of extracurricular, interscholastic athletics for participants, coaches, administrators, parents, and spectators.

• Properly trained administrators, coaches, and athletic directors promote the educational mission of extracurricular, interscholastic athletic programs.

• The IHSAA is committed to working cooperatively with other professional, education-based organizations.

• Extracurricular, interscholastic athletic programs foster involvement of a diverse population.

• Properly trained officials enhance extracurricular, interscholastic athletic programs.

IHSAA Purpose:

To promote, develop, direct, protect, and regulate amateur interscholastic athletic relationships between member schools and to stimulate fair play, friendly rivalry, and good sportsmanship among contestants, schools, and communities throughout the state.

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