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IAHSAA AD/Administrator Workshop


Thank you for attending the IHSAA New AD/Administrator Workshop. Below you can find some further information on FamilyID and how it can be beneficial to you and your organization.

FamilyID is the easiest, most cost-effective way to offer online registration to your participants. List your program in the FamilyID directory. Use our customizable form builder to add a registration form to your program and watch the instant sign-ups roll in!

FamilyID is a Massachusetts-based Internet technology company dedicated to connecting people with programs and activities through a centralized online marketplace. We believe that finding, sharing, and signing up for programs should be convenient, secure and easy for both program providers and their customers. We created FamilyID with program providers in mind and families at heart.

FamilyID is an online secure community where you can find, register for and manage program registrations for yourself and every member of your family. The best part is that when you enter your registration information once, you can use it again and again for multiple programs and multiple family members. Your information is under your control in a secure, encrypted database that you can access and update whenever you want.

We know that you value your time, security and sanity, just like we do. At FamilyID, we're committed to creating solutions that make the job of managing a family go just a little more smoothly.

Turn program registration from an administrative chore into a business advantage.

Aren't you tired of the drudgery of paper forms? Frustrated by a difficult registration process that makes customers cranky? Faced with the challenge of increasing registrations? If you're responsible for managing program registration and promoting your organization, FamilyID is for you.

FamilyID brings you the industry's most advanced online registration and community-based marketing platform. We make it easy and cost-effective for you to reach your customers and offer the convenience of online program registration.

By using FamilyID, you'll attract more participants, reduce administrative costs, and make the whole process easy on you and your customers!

Here are just a few of the benefits:

·         Reach your target market in the FamilyID online marketplace.

·         Create professional, secure online registration forms in just minutes.

·         Increase sales of supplies, gear and add-ons with our Integrated Merchandizing.

·         Reduce administrative costs while making registration more convenient for your participants.

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