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Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies

Fort Vancouver High School Trapper Athletics

"Guard the Fort" School

Promote your team.

Follow the dress code.

Be prepared for class daily.

Be in class, on time, every day.

Be a positive leader on campus.

Treat staff and students with respect.

Use appropriate language. (No profanity)

Have pride in school grounds and property.


Be careful with Social Media.

Wear your Trapper gear with pride.

Accept uniqueness and diversity of others.

Offer to pitch in and help where help in needed.


Promote Sports at Fort.

Say what's on your mind; be careful how you say it.

Respect buses and drivers.

Participate in multiple sports.

Keep our and others' facilities clean.

Respect officials, coaches, and opponents.

Support other Fort athletic teams by attending events.



Attend every practice.

Positive body language.

Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Commitment to year around workouts/fitness.

Train for your sport APX 360.

Move with a purpose.

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