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Ephrata High School provides an athletic program that sets high standards for participating students. The athletic program is extra-curricular only in the sense that student involvement is voluntary, a privilege, and requires an investment of considerable time outside the regular school day. The athletic program is an integral part of the total educational effort provided by the Ephrata School District.

The Ephrata High School athletic program is intended to promote and develop the student athlete by providing an opportunity to achieve excellence through participation in sports. Encouraging students to be involved in athletics will provide the chance for dedicated coaches to model, practice, teach, and reinforce quality character traits such as good sportsmanship, cooperation, respect, leadership, self-discipline, determination, good decision-making, and appreciation for success. Coaches and athletes of Ephrata High School are expected to give their best at all times and work together with parents to strive toward goals that will reinforce these positive traits.

A priority of the Ephrata High School athletic program is to instill in athletes the desire to compete and whether winning or losing, to do so with class.

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