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Enterprise Middle School ACTIVITIES

Wildcat Nation

Enterprise Middle School believes in teaching the whole child.  We offer after school ACTIVITIES and CLUBS as an option for our students to get connected with our Wildcat Community known as the Wildcat Nation.  This organization website is used to serve our students as they participate in club activities and go on on field trips throughout the year.

If the program you are looking for is closed or not listed, click here to contact the organization.
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Barbara McCann
ASB Secretary
(509) 967-6200

Sheldon Weddle
Vice Principal
(509) 967-6200

Allena McKenna
Lead Secretary EMS

Travis McClelland
Athletic Director
(509) 967-6200

Dillon Miller
Band Director
(509) 967-6200

Kevin Laws
Choir & Orchestra Director
(509) 967-6200

Ben Barr
Activities Director
(509) 967-6200

Scott Freelund
Activities Director
(509) 967-6200

Melissa Harrison
Attendance Secretary


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