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Interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the elective educational program at El Dorado High School. It appeals to the student who enjoys physical activity but must not detract from the student's scholastic endeavor. The athletic program contributes to school spirit and the well being of the entire student body in that it promotes unity, a feeling of belonging and loyalty to a common entity. The conduct of athletes is closely observed in many areas of life. It is important that their behavior be above reproach in order that they might bring credit and honor to themselves and their school. We accept the thesis that athletics is a valuable opportunity for our students. We are concerned that all students who have an inclination are allowed an opportunity to fully participate in our program of interscholastic athletics. We discourage the limiting of our athletic program to those students who demonstrate particular promise and encourage the participation by all those interested. Believing that opportunity for a broad base of experience is integral to the program of instruction and activities at the high school level, students are encouraged to compete in as many sports as time and talent will allow. We do not favor specialization by sports in our program. El Dorado High School is a member of CIF and operates its athletic program under the guidance and direction of this organization. At all times, the rules and the "spirit" of the rules of the CIF will be followed. Certain rules of the CIF are stated as part of this policy for emphasis. All rules of the CIF whether or not stated in this policy, are made a part of this policy. Local school policies, at times, may be more stringent than that of the CIF, but never in conflict, and never more lenient. The following is a code of conduct for the student athletes of El Dorado High School. It defines their responsibilities and expectations as they relate to their participation in athletics. Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked by school personnel when athletes violate the code of conduct.

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