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DSST: Montview MS Athletics

Home of the Knights!

DSST: Montview Middle School provides a program that fosters participation and enjoyment of interscholastic team competition. The athletic program emphasizes high levels of skill, strategies, teamwork, good sportsmanship, school spirit, character building and fun. The goal of middle school athletics is to provide a program that supports the development of positive student habits and produce well rounded student athletes that are prepared for the academic and athletic demands of high school.

DSST: Montview Middle School will be offering the following interscholastic competitive sports:

Trimester 1 - Fall

• Boys' Soccer

• Boys' and Girls' Cross Country

• Girls' Volleyball

Trimester 2 - Winter

• Boys' and Girls' Basketball

Trimester 3 - Spring

• Baseball

* Flag Football

• Girls' Soccer

The athletic program is an integral part of DSST's curriculum and emphasizes the school's core values. Through playing sports the students will develop their physical, social and mental skills that will directly transfer into the classroom and be with them throughout their lives. Student athletes must remain in good academic standing in order to be able to participate in athletics and all school rules and policies apply to athletics.

DSST: Montview Middle school is a member of the DSST League that includes the following schools.

Southwest Division:

  • DSST: Byers
  • DSST: College View
  • GALS/Denver Boys School
  • Addenbrooke
  • DSST: Henry

Northeast Division:

  • DSST: Conservatory Green
  • DSST: Green Valley Ranch
  • DSST: Montview
  • KIPP Northeast
  • DSST: Cole


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