CYO Athletics

For many years, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has conveyed the message that CYO 
is more than just a sports program. The Catholic Youth Organization is most importantly
a ministry. CYO is a way for our youth to use their God given talents to play sports, while
at the same time carrying out the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Our challenge as adults is to remember our ministry and role as teachers. Our skills and
talents need to be built upon and sharpened through training programs. The ‘Coaches
Orientation Program’ is one of the most important aspects of the CYO Athletic
Department when it comes time for a new coach to take on the challenge of working with
our youth through CYO. The department works in collaboration with Notre Dame’s Play
Like a Champion Today curriculum that preaches coaching as a ministry. It helps all
coaches transition into their positions as role models and teachers easily, while at the
same time impacting the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and athletic needs of our
As a whole, we are constantly working to improve and grow as an organization to make
sure our young athletes are getting the best experience possible. Our children’s
happiness, spiritual growth, and most importantly, safety, are our main concerns in all
that we do.
In closing, we sincerely thank our vast amount of CYO constituents and volunteers that
share their talents, abilities and endless amount of hours with the youth of the
Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Our programs and sports seasons would certainly not exist
without the tireless efforts of all of our volunteers.
We look forward to enriching our relationship with you and building upon the ministry that
is the most important aspect of the Catholic Youth Organization program. 

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