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Columbia River High School

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The Vancouver School District strives to provide a variety of athletic opportunities and to present a well-balanced program as determined by student needs and interests, availability of staff and facilities and within the financial abilities of the student bodies and the district as determined by the Board of Directors. To that end, participation in student athletics is a privilege, not a right. It is the district's goal to develop the whole student and to prepare each student for a better understanding of themselves and others. It is believed, further, that:

1. Athletics are an integral part of the total educational program and that athletics compliments the district's academic and career programs.

2. Athletics are a learning opportunity that can be greatly enhanced through proper leadership.

3. Participation in athletics can help teach the values of cooperation as well as the spirit of competition.

4. Participation in a sound athletic program helps develop positive qualities that are key to the development of the whole person.

5. Developing skills and positive attitudes in athletics will carry over into life-long habits and healthy practices.

6. Staff plays an important role in encouraging participation by students.

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