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Century High School

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The Hillsboro School District believes that interscholastic athletics is an integral part of our total educational program. Every effort must be made to provide as broad and comprehensive an experience to as many students as possible. There should be as many athletic opportunities in schools as can be adequately coached, managed and funded. Competitive athletes are selected on the basis of the needs, interests and basic abilities of students as appropriate to their physical and emotional maturity.

We believe that meaningful involvement and participation in competitive activities promotes overall student success in many ways, including increased commitment to academic improvement, improved school attendance, positive work ethic, and a healthy understanding of competition and sportsmanship.

While we recognize that striving to win is one of the measures of success in any endeavor, the coaches and athletes should not do so at any cost. Sportsmanship and excellence together must be stressed at all times. The winning of championships should be a product of ethical coaching, talented athletes, and competition conducted with sportsmanship in mind.

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