Center for Arabic Culture

The Center for Arabic Culture [CAC] is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating Arabic language, culture, art, history, and Arab-American cultural experience. CAC promotes Arabic culture in all of its regional and historic varieties and links to other cultures in an open, democratic, and humanistic way. Its programs cover the following: • Visual Arts: Exhibiting, documenting, and promoting art, architecture, photography, video, and film about the Arab world or by Arabs and Arab-Americans; Presenting traditional arts and crafts. • Performance Arts: Sponsoring recitals and concerts, dance, and theatre productions by local and visiting performers from the Arab world. • Scholarly Activities: Organizing lectures, conferences, and workshops focused on Arabic culture, history, and the Arab-American experience; Publishing proceedings and catalogues of the center’s activities. • Teaching Arabic Language: Our goal is to design an Arabic language program that enables Arab-American children and young adults to experience the beauty, flexibility, and heritage of the Arabic language. CAC aims to offer a curriculum that includes language, culture, music/dance, art and calligraphy.
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