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Please see below for all eligibility and rules/regulations:

1. All middle school athletes must provide a current physical exam (issued within the past 13 months) and satisfy the concussion policy requirements.

2. All athletes must earn a passing grade in three of four major subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Science) and in citizenship during the previous marking period.

3. Academic eligibility for all students shall be considered official when the report cards for that marking period have been issued to the entire student body.

4. All incoming 6th grade students are eligible for the fall season. Transfers and 8th graders must conform to #1.

5. A student must be under 15 years of age. An athlete may compete during the remainder of the school year provided that the athlete’s birthday is on or after September 1 of that year. Exception to this is if both schools mutually agree prior to competition.

6. No student will be dismissed to a parent/guardian after completion of a contest unless a written letter was provided to the building principal stating as such on the morning of the contest. The principal will then notify the coach in writing.

7. Athletes that wish to participate in a contest or practice must attend school on the day of the activity.

8. Students who have more than 6 unexcused absences in the preceding term may be ineligible to participate in athletics.

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