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The Bristol Athletic Department is excited to introduce Family ID, our new on-line student athlete registration platform for our athletic teams. Family ID will make registration easier with on-line filing of  the required information needed to participate in our athletic programs, 

- Physical Form will still need to be signed and completed by your doctor and delivered to the school nurse, 

- Parent Permission, Student and Parent Concussion Informed Consent Form and the Sudden Heart Attack syndrome forms will be filed on line through Family ID

Thank You,

Mr. Christopher Cassin, Supervisor of Athletics, Physical Education and Health, CAA

Bristol Athletic Departments Statement of Purpose 

A comprehensive and balanced interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the total educational process. While the high school athletic program serves as an arena for the student-athlete to display his/her talents, student-athletes must, in turn, be willing to accept the responsibility to self, to team, and to school. Athletics, as an educational tool, provide opportunities for mastery of established learning outcomes and exiting skills. The student-athlete will demonstrate self discipline, emotional control and the ideals of good sportsmanship. The student-athlete will be given opportunities and experiences to develop a healthy self esteem. Through group participation, the student-athlete will develop appreciation for fitness, fun and wellness. The student-athlete will demonstrate ethical qualities and be capable of taking his/her place in modern society. 

The athlete serves as an ambassador of their athletic program, as well as their school and community and should take pride in representing them. Good conduct is a large part of being a positive representative of your team and school. All student-athletes are expected to follow all school rules at all times. Team and league rules are also to be strictly followed. The athlete shall show respect for his/her teammates and coaching staff, as well as the opposing team, coaches and officials. On a personal level, the athlete shall respect himself/herself by not becoming involved with any controlled and illegal substances.

Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege. Students who demonstrate unacceptable behavior or who are continuously being reported academically deficient may lose the privilege to participate in interscholastic athletics.

Athletic Program Objectives The program provides opportunities for student-athletes: 1. To Work With Others – A student-athlete must develop self – discipline, respect for authority and the spirit of hard work and self sacrifice. The team and its objectives must be placed higher than personal desires. 2. To Compete – Although we cannot always win, we can strive for excellence. 3. To Develop Sportsmanship – To accept the outcome of every contest in a sportsmanlike manner. 4. To Develop Desirable Personal Health Habits – It is important to obtain a high degree of physical fitness through exercise and good health habits. It additionally fosters the desire to maintain this level of physical fitness after formal competition has been completed. 5. To Enjoy Athletics – Athletic participation increases personal satisfaction as well as personal achievement.

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Affiliations & Accreditation
Bristol Eastern High School is a member of the Central Connecticut Conference (CCC) and is affiliated with the C.I.A.C.