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Bedford High School


-Sportsmanship is a demonstration of generosity and genuine concern for others. It is a concrete measure of the understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity.-Sportsmanship is a blending of cheers for “your team” and applause for the “opponents,” observing the letter and spirit of the rules, and showing consideration for others.-Sportsmanship is the “golden rule” of athletics – treating others as you wish to be treated.-Sportsmanship is respect – respect for others and one’s self.-Sportsmanship is all this and much more.-For a coach, sportsmanship might be accepting a “questionable” call without protest.-For a student-athlete, it may be extending a helping hand to an opponent who is down.-For a spectator, it might be cheering for his team when it loses, and applauding the opponent when it wins.-For an official, it may be showing restraint when verbally assaulted by coaches, athletes, and spectators.-Sportsmanship encompasses all that which is good in human nature.-Sportsmanship is citizenship in action.
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