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At Avoca Central School, we believe that the interscholastic athletic program contributes significantly to preparing our students for becoming productive, contributing citizens for our community and society.

Additionally, our aim is to develop a student with an improved self-image, the ability to learn a new skill, and an intrinsic motivation for growth and development.  We want to see a student who will demonstrate a willingness to accept responsibility for his/her actions, measure him/herself against standards of quality, express ideas and solutions to problems, and value fair play, honesty, integrity, and cooperation.

Participation in the athletic program is a privilege, one in which a student-athlete enters into voluntarily.  It is understood that with the privilege comes responsibility to one’s self, one’s team, and one’s school.

Also, at no time will our athletic program place the educational curriculum secondary to athletics.  All parents and student athletes need to clearly understand that education and success in school comes first.

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