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Au Pair International is a premier Au Pair Agency, and is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a sponsor of the Au Pair Program.  As one of the fastest growing childcare programs in the US, the au pair program is often referred to as “childcare for the modern parent” or “an extension of the modern family”. We asked our host families about the benefits of the Au Pair International Au Pair Program. Here’s just a brief overview of the benefits we’ve heard directly from our satisfied families:


  • High Quality and Personalized Learning: Children thrive as a result of the full attention offered by our au pairs, who serve as an extension of the family and enjoy focusing on your child’s personal learning and growth.

  • Affordability: Au pair childcare is one of the least expensive options available, while also providing the highest quality and most personal level of care. Large families enjoy that the cost is the same regardless of the number of children.

  • Flexibility: Unlike most childcare options that require families to adhere to stringent schedules and hours, the au pair program offers a flexible schedule set by the host family, based on individual needs and requirements.

  • Health, Safety and Comfort: In-home childcare is recommended by pediatricians as the healthiest childcare option. Health is becoming a determining factor when parents are choosing care for their children.

  • Language and Culture: Au pair childcare is unquestionably the best option for broadening your child’s horizon and ability to learn and understand new languages. Research indicates that learning another language has educational benefits far beyond being able to speak the language.

  • Housework Assistance: Childcare related chores such as laundry, cleaning, preparing meals and snacks take a great deal of time for parents. Our au pairs assist with these chores, allowing our host families to spend more quality time with their children and spouses.

  • Quality of Life, Consistency and Less Stress: Eliminate the stress and uncertainty of childcare. Your au pair is there to care for your child, regardless of weather, school closings, or sick children.

  • Sense of Security and Company: Having an additional adult in the home provides extra support, particularly for families with single parents or busy spouse travel schedules. Au pairs offer adult company and valuable, consistent assistance.

  • Other Benefits: Special Needs: Children with special needs benefit from one-on-one interaction and focused attention. Au pairs assist with the special care needed. Less Administrative Demands: A domestic nanny requires a great deal of paperwork, as the parents virtually become the “employer.” Families that prefer in-home care and want to do it legally appreciate the au pair program for providing the same level of care for less money and much less administrative hassle. One host mom told us: “I did not want to become an employer. I don’t have the time to manage talent, taxes, FICA, medical insurance, unemployment, etc.” Travel: Having a familiar and reliable caregiver when traveling is invaluable. Families are able to better enjoy their vacations when they know their children are cared for by a person they trust.

The Au Pair International Program is more than childcare. The whole family benefits from this cultural exchange.

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