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Agawam High School believes that athletics are an important part of a sound educational program and that participation is a privilege available to all eligible students. While physical skill and demonstrated ability are primary considerations in determining actual participation, we believe that all aspects of secondary school athletics are subordinate to the essential purpose for which schools exist and must be controlled by educational considerations. This privilege carries with it serious personal responsibilities to the school, the student body, the faculty and the town which the athlete represents.

Interscholastic athletics provides the “other half” of education. The program strives to develop in students positive values and habits so that personal growth and development occur. Improved skill levels, a heightened sense of cooperation and competition, self-discipline and realization of the value of group goals are just some of the objectives of the athletic program.

Successful competitive performance in combination with educational considerations provides the cornerstone for our athletic program. All athletes are given fair opportunity to demonstrate their skill levels and made to feel they are part of a team. The young man or woman who learns to cope with victory and defeat; to accept frustrations and disappointments as well as success; to spend long hours in practice with no guarantee that they will get in the game; to accept discipline and to work with fellow athletes, has learned about things that cannot be taught in the classroom.

The program of athletics plays a unique role in joining the school and community. Civic pride and identification with Agawam High School are results of athletic participation that can last a lifetime.

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