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Abington High School Athletics

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Athletics are considered by some to be "extra curricular " activities. However, without athletics, many students would not have opportunities to maximize their potential for success.

To the students who participate in school athletic programs, sports provide opportunities to practice behaviors that are commonly associated with successful adulthood. Many students complement their educational programs with the personal growth opportunities represented in a good high school sports program. Such programs provide students with a physical outlet that, when combined with academic accomplishment, relates to the ancient Greek premise that a sound body and mind are essential to a happy and prosperous life. Athletics are also a means to accomplish the socialization goals of education. The interaction among individuals on the "playing field" teaches students the value of teamwork while developing the proper competitive spirit, combined with a sense of fairness. School sports teach sportsmanship and fair play in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Athletics, an American way of life, truly are "the other half of education" and an extension of the classroom.

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