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Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

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 KidSummer Natural History Day Programs 2014

We offer a range of programs for ages 3 to 15, encouraging learning and appreciation of the environment through age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities led by education/naturalists.

By focusing on relationships in nature and the inter-related web of life, CCMNH taught about biodiversity long before it became a widely recognized term.  KidSummer programs focus on this important concept in age-appropriate ways, emphasizing biology, physiology and ecology.  Children will come away with an understanding of the relationships among plants, insects, birds, and mammals. 

Our  Museum campus is surrounded by a unique outdoor laboratory-  400 acres of conservation land on Cape Cod Bay- that encompasses upland woods,  alewife brook, beech forest, salt marsh, barrier dunes, ocean beach and tidal pools.   Three trails wind through these habitats and a native wildflower garden.  The programs are linked to the MA Science standards, based on STEM: the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math initiative that encourages creative thinking, hands-on experiments and innovative projects.

KidSummer is sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare .                                                                                                                         

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