Their future is in our hands.

Ringing in the new year gives us time to reflect on the past, and more importantly focus on the future. One goal that the FamilyID team keeps front and center the whole year through, is continuing to make it easy for families to connect to programs that bring balance to their lives.

The way kids spend their time after school can have a significant impact on their future. At FamilyID, we're honored to work with a great many after school programs that help parents balance work and family life, and set kids up for successful futures.

Research proves that quality after school programs can benefit the entire family. Parents in one study reported that after school programs helped them balance work and family life: 94 percent said the program was convenient, 60 percent said they missed less work than before because of the program, 59 percent said it supported them in keeping their job, and 54 percent said it allowed them to work more hours. (Policy Studies Associates, Inc., 2004)

As we stand on the horizon of 2017, the FamilyID team would like to wish you all a safe, healthy and active year.

You can download this infographic in pdf format here.