High School became a trailblazer among Colorado schools by becoming the first in their district to consider automating the process for athletics registration.

With almost 1,300 students, paper-based athletics registration was a time-consuming mess. But with only a few weeks to go before spring sports opened up, they worried there wasn't enough time to make the switch to online registration. Then they called FamilyID.

When we initially signed up for FamilyID, I told my secretary we were going to use the program and she said 'I should be ready by fall registration.' My reply? 'We're starting with spring sports!' This was a tall order because we were only about 5 weeks out from starting registration. FamilyID went above and beyond helping us promote and get the program set to our individual needs. It was so smooth and was a big success."

Fruita Monument revolutionized their registration process for the school and parents alike. Parents were so thrilled with the program that soon, parents at other schools were demanding the service. That's when the other schools in district decided to follow Fruita's successful lead.

It was such a success with our parents that the parents of the other schools demanded they provide this service at their schools. We have done this for several years, and FamilyID still responds to whatever requests we have. This is a great tool that every athletic office should use. We could not imagine going back or doing registrations without this program. You will never find a better program. The service is the best, and any issues you have will be taken care of immediately. "

Denny and the staff at Fruita Monument are great leaders. They committed to making the registration process as smooth as possible and led the way for their sister schools to make life easier for their staff and participating families as well.

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