Here's a big shout out to all of the New York school nurses, the entire Northshore School District, and everyone whose feedback inspired this new functionality.

You'll be thrilled with the new time-saving short cuts:

  1. Update information directly in the table
  2. Edit internal fields and statuses for multiple registrations at once
  3. Drag & drop to re-order columns.
  4. Sort by clicking on column header
  5. View or edit a full registration from a report
  6. Easily scan the color-coded statuses
  7. Customize the fields displayed in your registrations list

Just to note: Shared reports still work the same way & will take those without FID admin access to a read only version of the report.

We've recorded a short video on this feature you can watch here: Super Reports Intro Video

Click the following to read our help article: New! Super Reports

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