alt Busy was an understatement for us in 2016. We believe the flow of data shared between people and organizations should be secure and easily manageable. That's why our development team was hard at work in 2016, creating more time-saving features that make it easier than ever to connect people with the programs they love, free from the hassle of paperwork for all.

Although we give our team some credit, many of these brilliant ideas for time-saving features actually came from our users. So here is a big thank you to all the customers who helped us create these awesome product updates.

Below is a list of the highlights of new features released in 2016. Skim the bullets or click on the name of the feature for more details.

Enhanced Reporting

More efficient data sharing and smart filtering Our new update creates a much more efficient way for you, and anyone else you are sharing your report with, to view your registrants information. Reports can be filtered by only canceled registrations, only completed registrations or all registrations. And the results of a report can be sorted by the approval status of a registration.

SUPER Reports In reports, you can now update information directly in the table, edit internal fields and statuses for multiple registrations at once, drag and drop to reorder columns, sort by clicking on the column header, view/edit a registration from a report, easily scan the color-coded statuses, and customize the fields displayed in your registrations list.

Search capability for Reports Have a ton of reports? You can now locate an individual report on your reports page through the new search bar.

Smarter Registration Management

Update a provisioned registration If you manually add a registration to a program, you can now update the registration after it has been submitted.

New ‘Control Panel’ for Custom Fields, Payment Methods, Add-Ons & Agreements/Policies The ability to assign, edit, delete, and archive custom fields, payment methods, add-ons, agreements and policies all in one convenient location: the Organization Tab.

Add a link to your external payment method Organizations that do not use PayPal can add a direct link to their ‘Other Method’ payment method to connect an external payment processor with their online form. Participants will be transferred from FamilyID to the payment processor website after submitting their registration.

Mark a registration as ‘Correction Required’ You can change the status of a registration to ‘Correction Required’ and notify the registrant if a family has made an error on their registration. This status also allows the electronic signature of an agreement to be modified.

Include an additional signature fields on agreements You can now collect multiple signatures for one agreement and choose who you would like to sign the agreement from the following options: ‘Signatory must be 18 or older,’ ‘Parent/Guardian- Signatory must be 18 or older,’ ‘Student,’ and ‘Participant.’

Customize your registration list view The new customizable registration list will allow you to manipulate your list view by sorting and reordering the columns.

New 'Alert Icon' for expiring internal field dates When an internal field date is about to expire, you will now see a yellow "!" icon next to the internal field when you are viewing a registration or viewing a report.

New Paperclip icon for an uploaded file in Internal Fields A paper clip icon on a registration’s internal field will be displayed when a file is uploaded into the field.

More Efficient Landing Pages for Organizations & Programs

Drag and reorder ‘Location’, ‘Contacts’ and ‘Links’ The contacts, links and locations that are shown on your organization’s program and landing page can be organized by drag & drop. Huge time saver!

Re-order your landing page gallery Using the drag-and-drop method, you can reorder the images that will be presented on an organization’s landing page.

Delete multiple sections on a program Organizations can bulk delete sections from a program – this is useful after cloning a program!

'Create New Program' button now has 3 dropdown options The 'Create Program' button will include the three options: ‘Clone Existing’, ‘Use Template’ and ‘Create New’ for a more intuitive and convenient way of creating programs.

More time-saving for everyone

Section Location and Section Meeting times are now displayed on confirmation emails The Section Location and Section Meeting times will be displayed on the email confirmation for an organization when a registration is completed.

New Dashboard for Families When a family logs into their FamilyID account, they’ll now see a search bar to find new programs and quick links that will take them to organizations they have registered with in the past.

Families can easily navigate when paying for multiple registrations While in the cart, the system will allow users to add multiple registrations together for a quick and easy way to pay for them all at once.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Compliance We have followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make our site accessible and user-friendly to individuals with disabilities. You can read more about the guidelines here:

Although we’re proud of the progress made last year, we’re already looking ahead to 2017. Here’s a sneak peek at a new feature we know you’ll be curious about...

Upgraded notification emails: Get excited! You’ll soon have many new ways to customize your notification email preferences.


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